Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Favorite Tools

It was my birthday the other day and I always use that day, week, month as an excuse to treat myself. I purchased the Louise Bourgeois book about her textiles, a spool rack, and a Roxanne Thimble.  I looked into the thimble a couple of years ago when I was hand quilting, but decided it was too extravagant and since I stopped hand quilting and moved onto doing things that did not require a thimble it was unnecessary. My favorite thimble was a Clover leather thimble, it fit like a glove, but it would eventually get a hole and become useless. So I did it. I went out to Macy's jewelry counter during my lunch hour and measured my finger and ordered the sterling silver thimble.

I admit it took about a week to get used to the metal "armour" versus the leather "second skin," but now I love it! I am so glad I made the investment. No other metal thimble ever fit correctly, they were too big or too small so I always went back to the leather. Now that I love my new thimble the only problem I had was getting the needle through the multiple layers of fabric in my collages. When I used the leather thimble, I would brace my first finger against my middle finger to do the job, but that shifted the silver thimble so I started using my first finger in a way that caused pain in my hand and wrist. 

Rebecca Ringquist, during her Creative Bug class, wears rubber finger tips from the office supply store. I have done this off and on, but I am inbetween sizes so again, one is a little too tight, and the next size a little too big. I also don't like my first finger tip completely covered as I have to remove the tip in order to thread a needle, which I do quite often (I like to choose colors while working so I don't pre-thread my needles which is what Ringquist suggests). Today, while embroidering on the train, I decided to cut off the top of the rubber finger tip. Voila! Perfect! Now I can grab the needle to pull it through the layers of fabric and thread my needles without removing the rubber tip.


My beautiful Roxanne thimble and my altered rubber finger tip.

Baci e abbracci