Monday, January 16, 2017

More on the Weight of a Series

My friend and I went fabric shopping on Saturday and I pondered that using textiles to express my creativity has been the one thing that I have stuck with over the last +35 years. Thinking back to my childhood where I frustrated my parents with wanting to try expensive things like the piano, I always came back to drawing. I remember trying embroidery, as a teenager, so I could embroider my jeans like everyone else (I still have the floss and hoop and the leg of the jeans with "Elton John" embroidered on it) but did not stick with it because the only thing I knew about embroidery was satin stitch which was and still is not my favorite.

I was taught how to knit as a child, but only knew the knit stitch and made blankets for my dolls. I turned my Lincoln Log container into a yarn feeder by making a hole in the lid. It was perfect for the skein of yarn (I would bet my last dollar it was Red Heart) and had one pair of aluminum needles. 

The one thing that I stuck with until college was drawing and that won out over textiles until I dropped out of art school and my boyfriend at the time went to a Folk Festival and saw a knitting machine and brought back a brochure. I apprenticed with a couple of local designers and eventually got my first machine--a bulky. I got back into school and eventually graduated from Philadelphia University with a BS in Fashion Design. I continued with machine knitting for years, working full-time in a bridalwear manufacturer digitizing when I graduated, and then part-time while trying to have my own knitwear business. I never got it off the ground for various personal reasons and finally went back to work full-time. 

I did nothing creative for two years and concentrated on my full-time job in insurance. Those two years were the only time I was not doing somthing creative. Eventually I began hand knitting again, this time I learned how to purl. I started drawing again in a journal--not for me--and then just drawing in a sketchbook--without the diary aspect. Then came quilting and packing up the machines to make room for the piles of fabric and sewing machine. Then embroidery. I am absolutely passionate about each phase of textile work I am in, and go back and forth when I get a little bored.

Knowing that about myself, I get nervous when I try to do a series. I don't know why I put the pressure on myself and don't just work freely on anything I want, but I have now started this series of fabric collages and want to make my goal of 25.

The rules are the size: about 6" x 6", flower theme, and each one is monochromatic for the most part (which may change). I am on the fourth one and am still loving it--I hope I make it to 25.

No. 3 Yellow

No. 4 is Brown--stay tuned...

Baci e abbracci