Thursday, December 29, 2016

Stay-cation... For those who like to work in the studio, but have a "real job," staying at home for a week is bliss. The first day my husband had out-patient surgery so I packed up fabric, floss, and tools and spread out my things for a make-shift studio in the waiting room. I hate to say it, but I had a great day. I did not worry while my husband was in surgery like usual, but took advantage of having free time to create my first fabric collage. When his surgery was over I was of course relieved and ready to take him home to rest.

The next few days were spent stitching in bed with the computer playing the TV while my husband recuperated on the couch. I finished the collage project and started another. I finished another embroidery project and the first stage of another. I also started another fabric collage project. During the same time I decided it was time to bind two quilts that have been sitting for years. One was very small--a wall hanging that I hand-quilted. It was to be the second in a series that I now have to decide if I really want to continue.

The other quilt that needed to be bound was 64 inches square. Getting reacquainted with binding a quilt on the small quilt was a good idea. It gave me the confidence to go to the bigger one. I sewed the binding to the small quilt by machine and hand stitched it down in the back.

The bigger quilt top

I made the decision to sew the binding on and stitch it down by machine for the bigger quilt. I just did not feel like spending days hand-sewing and thought since the big quilt was going to be used rather than just hung on the wall, machine stitching would be stronger. Big mistake! I don't do well machine stitching the binding down--it is crooked and I "missed" catching the edge and had to re-sew that part. I did not rip out the original stitches because I have ripped a quilt doing that. I am a little disappointed with the outcome, but I can live with this as there are other "learning opportunities" in that quilt as well. I started this quilt in May 2011 when my friend and I took a strip quilting class together. It took a while to finish the top as I got tired of strip quilting and had to figure out a way to make it larger. It sat for a while. I decided to make it my first hand-quilting project and used #8 perle cotton, breaking many needles and ruined at least one leather thimble in the process. Then it sat for a couple of years until today, when I finally finished it. Four and one half years from start to finish. This is the first quilt I made for my husband and I.

The first thing I did when I snipped the last thread was wrap myself in it. I am so happy!

I still have four more days of vacation maybe I will get the throw pillows done and finish a couple of other projects that I have hanging around.

Baci e abbracci...