Tuesday, June 2, 2015

tutto a posto tuesday--change

First: I thought I posted this at 6:30 this morning. Sorry for being tardy!

I've mentioned an injury that has gotten me off schedule. I fainted in the bathroom while standing at the sink and fell against the bathtub hurting my upper right back and rib cage. I was unable to do anything for myself for the first 3 days and was out of work for a week. I could not stitch, knit, draw, nothing. The first day I fell was really scary, I also had a headache and nausea and spent the day trying to sleep it away and thinking. I started thinking that I might be seriously ill and if that was the case would I really care about my needlework? What am I doing? Is it worth it to try to sell my work? Why can't I be happy just making things for me? I made some decisions and then realized I am just not ready to give up yet. But things need to change.

I need to loose 15 pounds not to look better, but to feel better. I need to start working on accepting the world for what it is and stop letting people get me down. I have to learn compassion for everyone, not just animals and people who appear to be innocent or helpless--everyone--including the person who is mean, rude, lazy--everyone. Why am I telling you this? Because tutto a post tuesday will change a little. I will still post work every Tuesday, but it may not be finished. I am not only still off schedule, but find that with my new exercise program I don't have as much time to work on my projects. (Isn't this why I gained weight and still cannot speak Italian in the first place? Because I would rather spend all free time on whatever creative thing I want to do?)

So this platform, tutto a posto tuesday, will still be the debut of new work, but it may not be finished. For example, I finished the brown embroidery that I showed last week, but decided to try something different for the finish.

Doesn't it look like one of the doilies that people set out on their table with their pretty little trinkets on top? But now how do I frame it? Do I frame it, or do I mount it on stretched canvas? Do I make a small quilt to support it? Hmmmm.... This will be explored over the next week or two.

Meanwhile I have started a new work. This part is not so free-form, but a little planned out as I drew the ovals and circles to embroider and will do the remaining part freehand. I know this is just a peek and not so much is completed, but I am working on projects all of the time and that is what is important to me. I have many ideas too which is so nice because I have had months and even a couple of years in my past where I did nothing creative. It was depressing. And the best thing is I like what I am producing and it is original.

After years of designing knitwear for machine knitting I started hand knitting and stopped designing which always bothered me. Now I am back to designing my own work in embroidery and quilting and I hope that other people out there will like it too.

Baci e abbracci