Saturday, April 18, 2015

How Exciting!

I won!! Thank you Rebecca Ringquist for this fabulous giveaway!!! This giveaway is in celebration of the launch of her new book, Rebecca Ringquist's Embroidery Workshops: A Bend the Rules Primer. There is another giveaway at STC Craft, Melanie Falick Books going on right now!

WOW!!! When I saw my name I let out such a gasp that my husband asked me if I was OK. Then I thought I won one of the items in the photo, not the whole cache! This was the most fun I have ever had on the internet. Anyway, I am really grateful. There are a lot of fabulous things in this swag bag, including a few that I have wanted to purchase. 

I have taken a few Creative Bug classes with Rebecca Ringquist and learned a lot. She shows good technique and offers great tips. She even has a free Creative Bug class to make a needle holder. Her classes are probably responsible for me moving away from Sublime Stitching kind of embroidery to a free-form style. (Sublime Stitching was the first embroidery book I purchased.) I still want to stitch my own drawings, but I definitely like "embroidering as I go." 

Remember to stop by Instagram for the progress of my "one embroidery a week" project and "tutto a posto Tuesday" for the finished piece. (Starting April 21!)

Baci e abbracci.