Tuesday, April 28, 2015

tutto a posto tuesday

On the first tutto a posto tuesday--rescheduled from April 21--I am showing a piece that is a little different than the others I have been working on. As I said in my April 21 post, this first piece for this blog series took much longer than I thought it would. Not only does the chain stitch take a lot of time, but when I finished what I had planned I wanted to add my signature "lace scallop-picot" edge. I am hoping that this is the first of a series of works that incorporates the look of quilting into the embroidery by using some of my “strings” (scraps of fabric) in a patchwork/block style type of arrangement, but instead of embroidering a running stitch as in quilting, I am using the chain stitch. I think the little "v's" of the chain stitch not only remind me of my beloved knitting but are soooo pretty! Again, analogous colors, this time with the addition of complimentary colors as well.

Sorry, these photos are not the best...

I decided to set this series aside as I am not really sure of where to go next. Look for my next piece to be more in line with the other work I have done.

I recently started reading Tanis Gray’s blog (you can click on it on my sidebar) who is doing a series of posts on Color Theory. She is a fabulous knitwear designer, author, and sewer, and she makes beautiful project bags that are for sale in her Etsy Shop.  Her April 21 post discusses Color Psychology. It was interesting to see which colors convey which emotions. The color wheel at the top of the post made me think about my color choices. It is interesting to think about why an artist may have chosen a color or group of colors to use in their work, even if it was something in the subconscious that made them make the choice. I personally love orange, but thought it was interesting when I saw that color could convey frustration and being nervous and anxious. It is something to think about next time you are picking out colors. I personally know someone who always works with the same colors either together or separately. Does that mean she is always in the same mood? Now that I actually think about it, I always tell my husband that she is the most even-keeled person I know. She and I have never argued about anything. Mmmm...

This work will be available in my Etsy Shop after I take better photos.

Baci e abbracci

Monday, April 27, 2015

Looking for Inspiration...

I am sure you have heard that if you are ever stuck on deciding on colors for a project, one idea is to find inspiration by looking at the work of artists that work in a different media. For instance you could pull the colors from a painting that you love to coordinate yarn for a sweater, or take a skein of variegated yarn that you adore and use those colors for a quilt.

If you are looking for inspiration for amazing color or just want to see beautiful paintings, check out the work Bill Scott. He currently has an exhibition at Hollis Taggart Galleries in New York.

One of my favorites, City, Country, Sea, 2011

I just noticed that these colors are quite similar to the colors of the quilt I made a couple of years ago that is pictured in my header. No wonder I love this painting.

Remember to stop back tomorrow for tutto a posto tuesday...

Baci e abbracci

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

tutto a posto tuesday

I know how bad this looks, especially on the first post of a new project, but the first piece to be completed in one week is still not complete. I started a new series which is taking more time than I expected, which is OK except that I am missing the first deadline I set for myself. I will show two finished pieces on April 28.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

How Exciting!

I won!! Thank you Rebecca Ringquist for this fabulous giveaway!!! This giveaway is in celebration of the launch of her new book, Rebecca Ringquist's Embroidery Workshops: A Bend the Rules Primer. There is another giveaway at STC Craft, Melanie Falick Books going on right now!

WOW!!! When I saw my name I let out such a gasp that my husband asked me if I was OK. Then I thought I won one of the items in the photo, not the whole cache! This was the most fun I have ever had on the internet. Anyway, I am really grateful. There are a lot of fabulous things in this swag bag, including a few that I have wanted to purchase. 

I have taken a few Creative Bug classes with Rebecca Ringquist and learned a lot. She shows good technique and offers great tips. She even has a free Creative Bug class to make a needle holder. Her classes are probably responsible for me moving away from Sublime Stitching kind of embroidery to a free-form style. (Sublime Stitching was the first embroidery book I purchased.) I still want to stitch my own drawings, but I definitely like "embroidering as I go." 

Remember to stop by Instagram for the progress of my "one embroidery a week" project and "tutto a posto Tuesday" for the finished piece. (Starting April 21!)

Baci e abbracci.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Year's Worth

Thank you so much to everyone who has visited my blog and Etsy shop to check out my new work! I admit to being a little addicted to checking my “likes” and stats… it is a real confidence and morale booster. I will have a new work in my shop by Sunday (with any luck).

I was listening to a podcast of Lisa Congdon being interviewed by Monica Lee on Smart Creative Women, which got me thinking that I should strive to start and finish one work per week. This could be a great way to hold myself accountable and motivated when I am not in the mood to embroider. I have many ideas I would like to work on and this could keep me moving along at a good pace. Best of all by next April I will have 52 works!

I would love to work on improving my drawing skills and finish a crochet blanket, but there are just so many hours in the day!

I will try to post daily pictures on Instagram that show the progress with a finished work by Tuesday night. The name of this series will be tutto a posto tuesday.

Baci e abbracci

Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Work for Sale in My Etsy Shop

I am pretty excited to announce that I have re-opened my Etsy shop with some new items. After knitting for more than half my life I started doing other needle arts and came across embroidery again. I even had my floss and hoop from my teenage years when I embroidered “Elton John” down the legs of my jeans. I had the opportunity to enter two works into a staff show at work recently, and a member of our faculty, Michael Moore, and his wife, Jo-Anna bought one of the two pieces. (This was truly amazing as I love this person's work and nothing in the show was for sale!) Michael is an artist whose work will be exhibited at Cerulean Arts Gallery. This really boosted my confidence so I decided to see if I could put a few in my Etsy shop. It has taken me over a month, but I have just listed 4 new works--all framed--in my shop.

I really do love stitching by hand and working with color. My mind is peaceful when embroidering. Instead of counting rows and stitch repeats I am making design decisions. It is the closest thing to drawing I can do and I believe it is the perfect way for me to make art.

The inspiration for these works comes from knit and crochet stitches and the way they appear in doilies and table runners. I like to do the stitching improv style without a sketch, but with a design in mind and build upon the stitches as I embroider them. 

There was a nice, young man at the AC Moore where I purchased the mats and frames who knew his merchandise and helped me find the best matches for my work. Thank you Keith! Another young man who graduated from the PAFA Post-Baccalaureate program also gave me great advice for my frames. Thank you Matt! They both are artists and they both take their day jobs seriously and know what they are doing. The work that is for sale arrives framed (and most are matted) and there are additional pictures of the finished items in my Etsy Shop.

In celebration of the Grand Re-Opening of my Etsy Shop there is a coupon code (GRANDREOPENING) for a 20% discount. Please take a look--more will be coming!

This is not for sale at this time
This is no longer available

Baci e abbracci!