Sunday, January 12, 2014

What I am Making Today

Today I am experimenting with embroidery. Someone at the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden was kind enough to translate a small section of one of the Japanese books I recently purchased in New York. Although the photos in the book are excellent, I just could not figure out what a couple of things meant. I would like to send two gifts for the people who helped me. I know one person is male, and am almost positive the other person is female (I looked up the person's Japanese name and the Internet says it is a girl's name). I will show the end results when the gifts are complete.

The big news is that I have EIGHT items in my Etsy Shop. Okay, that is not a big number, but it is a start. Now all I need is my first sale! I did sell a couple custom ordered brooches. Someone I know requested the fabric to match the colors of her cats--one is gray and the other is orange. At this time I am only taking custom orders from people I know.

I have some other news that I am excited about. I have submitted an idea for an article about Sherri Lynn Wood, an improv quilter whose work is very exciting. (Her blog, Daintytime, is listed on my sidebar.) Unrelated, Ms. Wood is releasing a book in the spring and has called for quilters to create work based on her guidelines that could be pictured in the book. So I signed up for that and will be starting that project. I will document the project, but am only allowed to publish anything related after the book is released. No one knows if their project will be chosen for the book or not.

So I have a few exciting things going on this month! Yeeee!

Baci e abbracci