Monday, October 7, 2013

Palette Builder by Play Crafts

I have always admired Maryline Collioud-Robert's photos where she has the palette of the picture. She recently provided a link to Palette Builder/Play-Crafts and I tried it. At first I could only get the older version to work with my Safari 5.0, but after a short email conversation with the developer at Play-Crafts I was able to use the updated version by downloading Firefox.

Version 1:

Version 2: Beta

As you can see the Beta version gives you Kona cotton fabrics that match your palette. I can make a quilt the colors of my baby bear! How amazing is that?

I had my surgery today and obviously lived to tell. Hoping this will do the trick. I think because of my OCD, I cannot just think everything will be okay, because if I do not worry about it, something will surely go wrong. Deep down I knew it would be okay, otherwise, I would not have gone through with it.

I was not in the mood to start anything new since I have been home from Italy and worried about this day, but now I am thinking about a "sketch." A small quilt to try out a pattern I found in American Quilt Classics, by Patricia Cox. It is a square in the middle of four hexagons made of scraps.

Also, I order some fabric from Connecting Threads and it is nice! I will be giving reviews on their fabric and my new hoop soon.

Gonna go get some rest...

Baci e abbracci...