Saturday, September 14, 2013

I am so proud of myself! Mr. R. is at the gym and food shopping and of course, he does not have a cell phone. I am cleaning ,and as I am vacuuming I smell something burning. I stop and check, start, stop and check. Nothing is caught so I figure I have to take it apart. After searching, and searching, I found a short little Phillipp's screwdriver to remove the screws, but could not get the bottom off, after taking more things apart and trying to pry it apart for 45 minutes, I finally found that I had not unscrewed two screws!!!!! So I take everything apart, clean as best I could, take off the belt and find that it is hard and has cracks, so I tried to replace it. Well due to a problem I am having with my right arm I did not have the strength to get the new belt on. I looked outside and none of the neighbors I know are out. I try using leverage with the longer screwdriver, Nothing is working and I am determined to vacuum. Then I see 3 uniformed men canvasing the neighborhood. One knocked and asked for money to support senior citizens--which I am really feeling like at that moment. I said I would contribute $5 if he helped me replace the belt. He said he would do it for free. I brought the vacuum cleaner outside and Viole, he got it on! I gave him $5 and put the machine back together and it worked!!!!

Although this started out as the best day physically in weeks, now my arm and back ache from the whole operation and a headache has started, but I got it done, without Mr. R! You know when you become so dependent on your husband to do these things, you wonder if you can still do them yourself. Yes, I needed the strength of a man's hand, but I got it completed on my own.

Back to cleaning...

Baci e abbracci.