Monday, September 2, 2013

Back in Philadelphia

We are home. This year I got homesick kind of quickly. For some reason I missed the TV and was a little edgy. We had so many social commitments for the first two weeks it was rather overwhelming for someone who doesn't usually spend a lot of time with people. The smoke at the Snack Bar bothered me and since it was cool I spent most of my time in the evenings inside, but the doors were open so the smoke would come inside and the TV was usually blaring with Italian shows I could not understand. I also thought that a medical treatment that I received prior to leaving was going to take care of an health issue, but it did not and I had a couple of incidents that left me upset and depressed.

I am quite displeased with the contractor and the mess he left in the front of the house, let alone the theft of an item from the basement and the possibility of being overcharged. You may notice the new photo at the header with the missing fig and laurel trees in the front. They were taken out to widen the drive for the width of a car to fit in front of the house. Disappointing, but necessary. Knowing that Orsetto did not make it another year, it was hard to leave Orsina and the dog, wondering if I will see them next year.

On the plus side, our friends were even more generous than usual and made me feel a part of the social set, and due to the cool weather and rain, there were less mosquitoes.

Hopefully, next year will be better...

Looking forward to doing some sewing after I get my studio in order. I've just dumped everything like yarn and books from the trip in there and have to straighten it out.

Baci e abbracci