Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 3: Today we returned the rental car to Pescara, a beach town about 1 hour away from Roccascalegna. After the return of the car, which was true Italian style: no inspection of the vehicle or amount of diesel fuel and no receipt (strange for a country that is receipt-happy) we boarded a bus which is also on the honor system as you validate your own ticket, but no one checks it. We are a little worried about the car as they can really pin any existing scratch on us and say we did not return the car with a full tank, but what can you do. They took a 1,000 euro deposit when we took the car and will refund what remains after the rental.

The bus ride into the city from the Pescara Airport was an adventure. Mr. R and I were not sitting together and a man tried to engage me. Mr. R got his Italian up and made sure the man knew I was not alone. Since I am quite pale-faced and definitely look and sound different than everyone else I think I was a target, but maybe we are too distrustful. I do get a lot of curiosity stares every year as not many Americans come to these parts of Italy.

After walking around Pescara for a couple of hours we came across a fabric store--yeah! Well the bolts were piled on top of each other in a way that you could not see all of the fabric. I found a printed linen--nothing fabulous, but pretty and asked the price. 75 euro a meter!!! A meter, remember is less than a yard and without the currency conversion that is astronomical, but in dollars--$94 for less than a yard of fabric! Are they insane? I was ready to go after that, but Mr. R purchased a 1/4 meter of something that was 36 euro a meter for a bow tie.

Then I wandered into a yarn and notions shop and purchased a ball of crochet cotton #12 for hand basting quilts. Nothing I could not get at home, but whatever.

Then the train to Fossacesia where we were picked up and taken to our uncle and aunts for lunch and to pick up the motorcycle/scooter for the rest of the trip.

The highlight of my day was a simple dinner of pizza mola (a bread that hasn't risen very high that has a film of olive oil and lots of air bubbles inside) with asiago cheese and local honey. I have never had honey and cheese before and it is very good. It was suggested by a local store owner who speaks enough English to convince me to try it. His sister-in-law is the beekeeper and the honey is excellent. We carried it home one year and the pretty jar that the store owner gave us as a gift broke in the suitcase. Since then I have only carried back one jar of honey for my boss, but it is always a risk as you cannot put it in the carry-on.

Tonight is a festival of some sort with music and dancing.

Baci e abbracci

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