Saturday, August 24, 2013

7 Days Until Departure--:-(

Today we go to San Vito to a high school reunion lunch for Mr. R. Of course they picked a fish restaurant. Even though I like fish, it is different here and the first year I came we were also taken to a fish restaurant in Vasto and there was nothing on the menu that appealed to me. So to spare the cost of paying for a meal that I will not eat and the boredom of sitting at the table, I will say hello and go for a pizza, roam, draw, and knit, and say goodbye. Sounds like a decent day.

The baby booties are pictured. This is a really cute, and quick pattern. "Baby Booties to Knit in the Portuguese Style," by Andrea Wong. It is a free Interweave Press pattern, a reprint from Piecework magazine. I think you can get 2 pairs from one ball. I think it would look better made from a solid color, but I could not find a solid yarn in the correct weight here. I am in Italy, but in the rural areas where a limited selection of yarn is available in stores that also sell groceries, or lingerie. If I do find a yarn store it is nothing like the States. Perhaps Milan or Rome have the nice yarn stores I have seen pictured on the internet and in magazines. Also, the women here either know how to knit, but have not done so in years, or their mothers did it and they are in awe. It is not nearly as popular as it is at home.

Also, the "Piper's Journey," by Quince & Company was completed with Paton's Kroy sock yarn. After it was blocked--without pins, as none were to be found--it was soft and had a wonderful drape. The recipient was very excited. She is always cold and I hope she will get a lot of warmth and pleasure from it.

We are back from San Vito. Really a pretty spot--picture post card perfect from a distance, but totally junky from close up. We viewed the menu and decided that I would probably be happier dinning elsewhere. WRONG! I missed what seemed to be a really nice meal. I did not even see all of the courses, but the sword fish and calamari looked great! It was a 5 hour lunch! I never could have sat there the whole time, so even though my meal of chitarrina con scampi (pasta with a red sauce, and what look like crawfish and a couple of claws in my dish was not very good, it was for the best. I took a walk and chose probably the worst restaurant for me (I thought since it was crowded it might be good). After I had some really great gelato and espresso, which made up for the mediocre meal.

In the gelataria I heard someone speaking English. F this and F that with a thick accent, so I asked if he was from New York. Yes, a Mets fan! He also realized I heard and understood all of his personal business and apologized for the profanity. Not many English speaking folks in these parts, let alone Americans, so I really did not care--it was good to hear English. You never know who can understand you, and who can't...

Then I headed back to the restaurant and sat facing the Adriatic Sea drawing and knitting. We did bring home a kitty bag for the pregnant daughter of Orsetto, Orsina. Why she is pregnant so late in the season I do not know, but I worry for her. She is eating well now, but who knows what will be. Her father was quite special. She is only just now letting Mr. R pet her. We would be able to set up a little nursery area for her in the "chicken coup" but whether she would find it and use it is another unknown.

It is very sad how many cats and dogs roam around here without owners. It is something I do not like about the lifestyle. Some people keep pets and also feed the homeless, but most have a mentality that the strays can fend for themselves. Not true, there are too many competing for the same food.

Anyway, some photos of my day. I love the one with the green weeds, white stones and blue sea. I think a quilt of those colors has been inspired by this day.

Baci e abbracci from Italia!

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