Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sunny in Philadelphia

It is finished!!! I am so happy, it is finished. And it does not look half bad. The quilting is "organic" concentric squares. I don't mind, in fact I may make the quilting even more "organic" the next time. I love the binding. I love stripes, but these colors are perfect. And I took my time attaching the binding so it came out best of all machine sewn binding attempts. For something that was going into the scrap heap, I could not be more pleased and will hate to give it up.

Remember the "before"... I did not follow a store bought pattern correctly and messed up the blocks...


Back (Used the 2 correctly sewn blocks across the back of the quilt)

Close -up of quilting

Corner of quilt with striped binding

Full quilt (approximately 45 x 45 inches)
So what is next? Finish the quilt for the Sunny in Philadelphia recipient's twin. I will be hand basting with tatting thread. I think this is the best method for me right now.

Baci e abbracci and a safe Independence Day holiday.