Saturday, July 27, 2013

I am Finally a Continental Knitter!

For years I have wanted to learn how to knit continental style. I could do it, but my finger stuck straight out and got tired quickly, and I could not control the tension.

On Pinterest I saw a knitting technique from KnitFreedom that intrigued me and when I visited the Knit Freedom site I noticed that Liat Gat offered a video class on learning how to knit continental style for $12.95. I signed right up and in 2 weeks I was knitting, holding the yarn in my left hand and picking it with my right!

Gat's videos are great! She gets right to the point, and speaks clearly. She does finger aerobics that really make the difference in getting the method right. (You can watch some of the videos for free on You Tube).

I cannot stand videos that "stall for time" by yapping about what they are going to show while they play with the yarn. I also don't like it when a video has a great method but the audio or video are so poor in quality that it is frustrating to watch. Gat shows you what you came to see and it's over. You can replay it if you wish to see it again.

I won't win any world records with my new knitting speed but it is definitely faster and smoother. I am on my 6th men's hat in 2 1/2 weeks. If you ever wanted to learn this technique spend the $13--it is worth it!

Baci e abbracci