Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Testing a Method

Last post I referred you to a video by Purple Daisies, LLC on hand basting your quilt. I purchased a 12’ baseboard (I asked Lowes to cut it in half, which they did for no charge), and the tatting thread. I followed the instructions, started on Sunday morning, and eventually finished basting last night. It took me about 4 hours total because I am not an experienced hand sewer and my fingers got sore--even though I used my favorite leather thimble (by Clover). (I got peeved that I kept pricking my fingers because the first time I did not realize I drew blood and got it on the quilt.)

I think this is a great method, so far. I have not yet started to machine quilt, but it is easy to do the herringbone stitch, and it is better for my back than pin basting on the floor. If you decide to try this method, I hope you like threading needles because only using arm length cuts of thread had me thread the needle at least 25-30 times for a 45 x 45 inch quilt. This method also takes a lot of thread. I think Sharon said that the spool would last a lifetime so I either did something wrong, or did not hear her correctly (the video has poor audio quality). In the future I will use my hand sewing thread that I don’t use for quilting because it was cheap. Purchasing the tatting thread at $3.29 per quilt does not seem worth it to me even though it was easy to thread and work with.

The process was great. The baseboards are a great method of basting on a table top that is not big enough to accommodate the size of the quilt. I think you could successfully use this method for pin basting as well. The nice thing about hand basting is you can fold the quilt and scrunch it up under the sewing machine without pins getting all caught on each other or if using straight pins (I have tried everything) without sticking yourself. And, yes, I tried those pricey little Pinmoors and do not like them.

I am going to try the Halo that I purchased from Purple Daisies and let you know how I like that. I already have the slider and bobbin washer thingies. Wish me luck!

Baci e abbracci