Monday, May 27, 2013

Stained Glass

A couple of weeks ago I was at Hayes Sewing in Wilmington Delaware and saw a sweet little machine in the showcase. I thought, what do I need that for? Well I recently was speaking with Mr. R. and told him about this Singer Featherweight, and he thought it would be a good purchase; something to take to Italy. 

She is so cute and runs really well. I won't be taking her this year as I would have to work really hard to turn the room into my studio and am not sure I will ever finish that task until we actually live there, but in reality, I could set her up on the table in the sitting room. The thing is I would have to pay a bundle to get her there or give up 12-15 lbs. of clothing. Anyway, it is nice to have a back-up for my back-up sewing machine.

I also finished the Sunny in Philadelphia quilt top. So pretty in the sunlight!

Now my favorite part... making the quilt sandwich.

Baci e abbracci

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Yellow Blunder is redeemed. It is now Sunny in Philadelphia. The room with the design wall is too small to get a good photo, but once it is complete there will be time for that.

I am relieved I was able to salvage this from the scrap heap. I am not crazy about the squares, but the colors are so uplifting for a little girl, I can get over it.

I must be in some sort of yellow phase. I really love the color--just not as clothing on me.

This is the bag inspired by Ann Bauer. I was not happy with the straps and have since purchased the tool to turn a tube of fabric right side out and fill it with rope. Ms. Bauer and others use a thin black cord for the strap, which I finally found in JoAnne Fabrics, but since I had already invested $25 in the tube-turning-method, I did not allow myself to purchase the cord. I have not yet attempted the second version (which will be wider), but will after completing Sunny in Philadelphia.

I finally finished the Almondine socks and have started a pair of stockinette with two by two rib socks from the sock pattern book by Ann Budd. I am making them from Patons Kroy on a number 2 needle and it is going pretty quickly I screwed up and decreased the top of the foot at the gusset and had to frog 14 rows. Ugh!

Baci e abbracci

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I thought this was a cute way to wrap a quilt--like a piece of candy...

Finished Object

I finally finished the wall hanging I started at the end of March. It is only 19" x 20" but I had to set it aside to work on some other things.


I also started a quilt for a baby girl. I used someone else's pattern and was distracted because the blocks were each 1/4 inch and 1/2 off. Then I started cutting according to the diagram rather than re-reading the instructions so 75% percent of the blocks were cut incorrectly. Also, the colors are not arranged best for this pattern. So I swore off using other people's patterns and have resolved to fix this "yellow blunder" with improv.

Stay tuned for the new incarnation. I've already started the surgery.

Baci e abbracci