Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Labels

Like many of you, I spend a lot of money on my creative life. A lot of money. I have oodles of yarn and fabric and the BEST tools, most of which are must haves and then they sit unused for a long time. The next time someone in your life comments on all of the fabric/yarn or tools that you have spent money on and don't seem to use just smile to yourself because at some time you are going to need that tool at 9:00 at night and will have it right at your finger tips.

Last night after a crazy week (Monday night I had my Monday back pain and could not sew, Tuesday night I was recovering from a nasty fall in which I tore my stockings, and skinned my knees and palm) I decided to make a bib for a baby shower at work (to include with a store bought gift). I found a nice little tutorial at Sew She Sews's. I think what is nice about this tutorial is that you trace the pattern onto the wrong side of the front bib and sew the front, backing and batting together on the line you just traced. Then you cut it out and turn it right side out. It is much easier to sew the curvy line this way. The only thing that I could have done without was notching the complete edge (inner and outer), but I know it reduces the bulk.

Oh! Back to the tools and stash of fabric... I have this great pair of 5" Fisker Softtouch scissors that have super sharp tips--great for the notch cutting. And the main fabric was probably purchased four years ago when I first started quilting with some newer strips added.

People who don't create don't understand the way we stock pile stuff so that we have choices when it is time to make something. My mom says, "you don't use what you have, why are you buying more?" That drives me nuts! I love being able to look through my fabric collection. Since I do not have the space to see it all, I am often surprised when I dig around looking for something and find something else that is really cool that I forgot I had.

Anyway, here it is with my new label!!! The labels are by gutenTAGs and I love them! On the back of the label is my blog address.

Decided against the velcro and went with the snap.

Baci e abbracci