Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Finished Object and a Work in Progress

Finally someone has made a non-slip ruler! Creative Grids makes these amazing tools. I can actually cut a straight line--that is if I line up the ruler correctly... If I could, I would replace all of my rulers with Creative Grids. I purchased a 4" x 12" as it was I size I did not have--even though I did not need it, I thought it would make my quilting life a little easier. I made the purchase at Purl Soho in New York, but every store on the shop hop carries them. If you have a problem with rulers that slip while using a rotary cutter this is your answer. I've tried coating my ruler with non-slip vinyl, I've tried suction handles--nothing worked as well as the Creative Grids.

A new quilt...

A beetle landed on it and would not leave. That is the spot on the middle upper third.

This will be a gift for a new baby. I was torn about quilting the patchwork area and decided to quilt horizontally. This time the quilting went a little easier. I used my old sewing machine set up on the dining room table and marked each line before sewing. You know me, still couldn't sew them perfectly straight, and the horizontal lines are far from straight, I had a lot of problems with the bulk in the sewing machine arm area not allowing me to keep the quilt smooth. I'll be working on smaller pieces for the next couple of projects.

The next project is an "art quilt" for the wall. It will be about 20 x 22 inches. I was determined to not waste a large piece of batting that I could use for a quilt so I butted two pieces of batting together and used a zig-zag stitch. I don't know if I would trust this to a quilt that would be used as a blanket and washed and machine dried, but I thought it would be fine to hang on the wall.

Think I used enough pins?

I am using a very close, very "organic" mattress blanket stitch. I am half way finished, but I was anxious to start my next project.

I was inspired by Ann Bauer's quilted purses. They are really gorgeous and I hope that mine turns out having been inspired, and does not look like a knock-off. I also intend to make another with collage. Pictures soon.

Also, finished the first Almondine sock and started the second.

I hope your weekend was as good as mine!

Baci e abbracci...