Sunday, March 3, 2013

You may have noticed a few new blogs on my sidebar. I have found new inspiration and since I am not drawing at this time, deleted the blogs that do not interest me right now. The list was just getting too long. In finding new quilters/artists I also found new techniques--well new to me. 

Quilt As You Go (QAYG) is not exactly new to me, but I have never really considered it before. It seems like a viable process, especially when you have a small studio, with no space to support a large quilt, but it just looks like more work than the traditional method of piecing and quilting.

The fun part for me is piecing--I guess I am not alone there. Picking the colors and fabrics is also a lot of fun. Cutting is backbreaking--literally--and I cannot do it all in one session. It is also mega boring. I like piecing because I like sitting at the sewing machine. NOTE: If you can afford to purchase a small cutting mat with the padding on the reverse side and the Rowenta Travel Iron,--do it. It allows you to keep a pressing board and iron at the side of your sewing machine which absolutely speeds things up and is less tiring than getting up to press each seam. This expense of about $100 really improved my quilting world. 

I hate pinning the backing and batting to the quilt top because it scares me. I have an oval dining room table and the quilts never fit properly so I was always afraid that I would make an error pinning. I did purchase the interlocking tiles that are sold to soften cement floors, which I will lay down on the carpeting for this task. See below as I used them for the first time today.

I do enjoy quilting, but again don't have the space next to the machine to take the weight of the quilt so it gets cumbersome. The QAYG method just seems to make it easier to quilt without the size of the cumbersome quilt, but adds so much more work and room for error when sewing the blocks together it may not worth the risk for me.

Here is a week's worth of work. I am so proud to say that because I am ready to quilt. I probably starting piecing the top last Friday night or Saturday morning before my class. It is (16) 10.5" square blocks that will be a 40" x 40" baby quilt for a little boy. It is from the same jelly roll and solids as Free-form #1 as the original intention was to make 2 baby quits for twin girls. Instead I made one for a boy. It will be backed in green and bound in the red--I think. I am pleased with the time it took to get to this point and the result.

A view like this makes me wish I had this distance for my design wall.


Off to the sewing machine... Baci e abbracci