Saturday, March 23, 2013


Today I made a major error in judgement. I thought I could send Mr. R. for almond cups without calling ahead and asking the bakery to put them aside. I thought worst case scenario I could get them tomorrow. I thought wrong!

Mr. R. just came back from the bakery and they were out of almond cups and will be closed for the next week (for Passover). I thought they would be open tomorrow. Isn't the first night of Passover Monday? Why aren't they open tomorrow? What am I going to do??? I let out such a scream when Mr. R. told me that the neighbor ran over to find out if I was okay. I am already starting to tremble with symptoms of withdraw. I know of no other bakery that makes almond cups. Believe me I have searched in the wee hours of the morning when the cravings become unbearable, but NO ONE makes almond cups except for Hesh's. Do you know I gave away 2 almond cups this week thinking I could get more??? What was I thinking???? Never again! All mine! Freeze, freeze is my new motto! Always have a stock pile in case of an emergency.

Next week is going to be pure hell. But you know, maybe this is just what I needed--a week of no almond cups imposed upon me. Maybe this will snap me back into shape. I'll start exercising again, be full of energy instead of being in this sugary fog of either having just finished an almond cup or in the haze of craving another. I'll sew more, Mr. R's and my relationship will deepen. I'll have more real relationships with my friends instead of always pushing almond cups on them.

Uh, Don't think so... I will just count the days until Hesh's re-opens and I can get my fix.

Baci e abbracci