Monday, March 4, 2013

Those of you that knit probably know the terms "tinking" and "frogging." For those of you that do not knit, "tinking" or k-n-i-t backwards is ripping back while the work is still on the needle stitch by stitch. "Frogging" or "rip-it, rip-it" is taking the work off the needle and ripping back by unraveling row by row. If there is not already a word equal to "frogging" in quilting I must come up with one. Ripping out seams is bad enough, but ripping out rows of machine stitching from a quilt top, batting and back is awful. And by the way, I will take frogging a piece of knitting over ripping out a machine sewn seam any day! In knitting, once you get over having made the mistake and decide to rip it out--for me at least--that is the worst of it. I unravel, rewind the yarn, and start knitting again. With quilting, seeing the mistake is only the beginning because the actual ripping out of the seam is the worst part.

I quilted half of the quilt and did not like half of that on the back. It was puckering, so after trying unsuccessfully to talk myself into it looking okay, I took the quilt, an audio book, and my seam ripper to the bed and with as much resignation as I could muster, started ripping out the quilting. What a set-back. And even though I know everyone has these moments, I could not help berating myself and seriously considering selling everything I have that has to do with knitting and quilting and really get into watching TV and reading books.

The problem is I do not like much on TV and need to keep my hands busy because I get bored. I do sometimes wonder what would happen if I could no longer knit or sew, as it is what I think about and do all of the time that I am not working. I know our savings account would be bigger. I would probably find something else to spend money on like clothes and jewelry--silly, meaningless stuff. Nothing that I will look back at and think I made that with my hands for someone I care about.

So as I slowly come around to thinking that this does not mean I am a talentless slog, spending money and time on some stupid hobby that I am no good at, I am taking tonight off and hoping to wake early tomorrow morning to put in a half hour at the machine before work because the worst is over with and the quilt is re-pinned and ready for me to continue quilting.

I think the term I will use from now on--if I remember it--is quogging: frogging for quilts. Hopefully, I will not have to use it too often.

To use all but one word of a quote from a famous knitter, Elizabeth Zimmermann:

Quilt on with confidence and hope in all crises.

Baci e abbracci...