Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Since I don't celebrate Easter, the closest thing I have to Easter eggs is fabric that resembles traditional Easter egg colors. My friend and I spent the day dyeing fabric with Procion dyes this past Friday. I chose to do 1/2 yard runs of each bath, using the small jar method which gives a mottled or tie dyed look. For me that was easy and I happen to like the look--almost like batik without all of the mess. We also purchased some white on white design fabric, which gave a particularly nice result. I am pleased with the colors and need to decide on a project, i.e. not covet it as a precious thing that needs years of sitting on the shelf--but use it because I can make more!

I have not dyed fabric since I was in art school in 1984 and it was not as bad as I thought it would be--mostly because my friend is experienced and does not get all hung up and frozen with fear when it comes to these things. I might actually try it again sometime with some good quality muslin I have. (The solid fabric in this case is Kona in an off-white.)

I also am making a little progress on Almondine from Ann Budd's Sock Knitting Master Class... book. I already see so many mistakes, but do not have the heart to rip it out. I cannot stand the yarn Zauberball, by Schoppel Wolle. This is the second project that I have started from this particular ball. I was using steel needles the first time around and the yarn split over and over. This time I am using wood needles and the yarn still splits sometimes, plus there is a fuzz from ripping out the last project. Eventually I will be working with new--unused yarn, but right now I am not happy. Thank goodness as beautiful as the yarn is, I only purchased one ball.

I am also working on a quilt for a baby gift, and my mom needed a zipper pouch to give as a gift to someone that knit her a scarf out of that annoying Sashay yarn that I tried and could not stand using. You have to keep straightening it out to make the next stitch and it drove me nuts. Anyway, at the last minute I thought I should make this pouch because I was seeing my mom and she wanted to give it to this person. Unbelievable, but it came out perfectly. Every seam matched on the boxed corners. Yeah!

Baci e abbracci and Buona Pasqual!