Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finding Inspiration in Unusual Places

One Tuesday per month we have an 'all staff' meeting. Each meeting has a different agenda which has included curator led tours of exhibitions--which is the best way to see an exhibition. Today there was something a little different. One of the agenda items was a self-led tour of some of our students' studios. 

The first studio that I visited gave me a new idea on design. This student paints while she watches movies. These small paintings appear to be a blur of a scene from the movie--patches of color. Immediately I thought about quilts and/or patchwork. This would be a great way to design quilts. I've always liked taking photos of things with pattern and thought taking photos for color and pattern might be a way to get new design ideas.

I started with my cell phone camera, and took this picture of the soda machine.

I played with it while waiting for the train with Snapseed and then a little more when I got home with Photoshop Elements. I am going to make a few prints and play with it some more.

This was a photo I took near the bakery a few weeks ago. I passed this wall of tiles hundreds of times and never noticed it before. I think this could also inspire a nice quilt design.

I know lots of people use the camera for their design ideas, but as a knitter I did not find the camera very useful. As a quilter who wishes to create original designs I think it can be extremely useful.

Baci e abbracci...