Friday, February 15, 2013

PAFA Animal Drawing Class

I took this picture when I walked over to the Historic Landmark Building to get my lunch. As soon as you walk into the student entrance the floor is lined with cardboard to protect the floor from the horse's hooves.

When I used to go to that building more often (I work in our other building) I would see the cardboard on the floor and get excited because that was the sign that the horse was in the building. Other times I would see the trailer that brings the horse and go into see it.

One of the most beautiful sights is that of the freight elevator doors opening and the horse stepping off. Such a majestic animal!

The horse is in a studio for an Animal Drawing class. Imagine a horse inside a museum!

In the news this morning was the scandal about horse meat in Great Britain. People  have gotten very upset about this and with cause, however, why is it okay to eat a cow but not a horse? I am not a vegetarian at this time, but I was from 18 to about 36 years old, with much of that time being a vegan and I was very serious about it. Now I eat cows, chickens, turkeys and sometime pigs. I also eat fish, but have stopped eating crab and lobster because I actually have seen that animal suffering during its last days in some small tank or on its back on a pan, always with its claws tied with a rubber band. Imagine your hands tied until you are finally boiled to death? I have kept from viewing that suffering of the other animals I eat because as long as I don't see it, I can still allow myself to be in the dark and eat those things. I know it is wrong, but do it anyway.

I am certainly not advocating the slaughter of horses for meat; I am just making the point that people get upset when an animal they can identify with in some way is in their burger and don't really think about it when it is some "dumb" animal they have convinced themselves was put on earth as a source of food for humans.

When I am photographing the horse and it looks at me with those soulful eyes I connect with him/her. I imagine he/she sees a compassionate person and is pleading for help. I would see the same thing in the eyes of a cow.

Even though I love to see the horse when it comes to PAFA, I still am against the people who brought him/her to us. I hate the use of horses to pull carriages. There is absolutely no reason for that with the widespread use of automobiles. It is bad enough to have horses ridden as work animals and for pleasure let alone pulling the weight of the carriage and the people on it in center city traffic. I also know that some of the carriage companies and stables mistreat and abuse their horses.

I hope that when we retire to Italy I can have a little shelter for the stray dogs and cats with a small pasture for horses that are no longer wanted on our land in front of the house. It would take a bit of funding so I cannot really see it as a reality, but one can dream...

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