Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Mr. R and I do not exchange Valentine’s Day presents or even celebrate that day any differently than any other. This year, however, I wanted to give a couple of gifts of chocolate (including Mr. R because how could I buy nice chocolate for others and none for him—and a lit bit for me). When it came time to wrap it I was stumped. How do you wrap a little cellophane bag of Valentine chocolate? I surfed the net and found some cute little muslin bags that were dyed in food coloring. I thought: I have food coloring, I can do this. But then I thought: I do not have muslin bags. Frankly, the bags shown in the tutorial are purchased from an A C Moore or Michaels and have a draw string at the very top that I could remove to cinch the bag lower with a ribbon, but I thought--I have muslin and I have made draw string bags so why not just make the bag? The bag takes literally 10 minutes to make and the dying process less than that. I used this tutorial for the bag.

The tutorial shows how to make a pretty ombré dyed bag. I couldn’t quite manage that so I went for a more tie-dyed look.

I used liquid food coloring that came in a box of red, blue, yellow and green. I squeezed about 5 drops into a small bowl of water (temperature of water is not important) and dunked the dry muslin bag into the bath. Keep dunking and squeezing until you feel the fabric is saturated and the color is rich. Then I laid the bag on top of the bowl and squeezed food coloring directly onto the bag like polka dots. I let it sit that way for maybe 3 minutes while the dots spread on the wet fabric and then dunked and squeezed the bag into the bath again. Then I squeezed the excess water from the bag by rolling it in paper towels (which also came out very pretty and I will save with my other ephemera for some other project that has not come to mind as of yet). Lay flat to dry on a cooling rack from your baking supplies (remember this is food coloring-not dye so it is safe to use in the bowls and racks you cook with). When dry, iron and thread a pretty ribbon through the bag.

The tag was made with a rubber stamp and tied on with string.

This is a really cute bag for any small gift and could be used for Easter candy and gifts when a basket is too much. This is also a good project to do with children since you are using food coloring rather than toxic dye. It is the same concept as Kool-Aid dying.

The little green bag is for Mr. R.

Baci e abbracci