Friday, February 22, 2013

Free Form #1

I am finished and it is hanging in my office at work! I am so excited. 

I attached the binding by machine last night. Not the best job on the back. Since I knew it would be a wall hanging I sewed the binding down from the front rather than catching it while sewing from the back.  It is perfect on the front and my corners look really good. Considering I have only bound 2 quilts before this, I am pleased with the results on the front. The back has red lines on the off-white muslin.

I don't mind, I will be more careful when I sew the binding on a quilt that is meant to be used--or sew it down by hand.

These modules with the windows are my favorite parts, although I like the checkerboard at the left and the black and white stripe at the top.

The fabric really worked out well too. Some of it actually looks like hand printed fabric and even though I purchased a collection, my addition of the red really gave it a pop that I love.

Still plodding along on the Rambling Rows blanket...

Although in this picture the colors are a little more true than the picture from my phone, they look better in person. These needles meant for children are the perfect length for this project.

Tomorrow I am taking a class at Cloth & Bobbin in Narberth. The class is Sliver Pillows and I hope to have a finished pillow by the end of the day. I really wish I had not signed up for it as I would rather just stay home and start my next quilt (a string quilt, which coincidentally was the last class I took at this shop--a UFO), but I always feel that way and then wind up learning something and am grateful I went.

Baci e abbracci...