Sunday, January 6, 2013

On a Knitting Binge

I've turned into a knitting machine! I am starting and finishing projects in record time. Although I am a slow knitter--really--watch this video of Eunny Jang knitting starting at about 3:50 minutes to witness speed knitting at its finest--I am completing lots of things. My knitting has infringed on my sewing time, but I am trying to go with the flow and right now I am being pulled in the knitting direction.

I needed a new hat. The headband I made did not keep me warm enough and although I do not like the way I look in a hat, I have been cold in the morning and at 50 (almost 51) years-old I have learned to be more concerned with comfort rather than fashion--in certain weather related situations.

Another Thank-You Hat from This time the women's version with less ribbing and more stockinette. I put in stripes to try to get more mileage out of the violet yarn because I have already cast-on a matching scarf. I started and finished knitting the hat yesterday--NEVER DID THAT BEFORE!

The crown--a beautiful thing.

And I finished the birthday socks for TOMA.

Heels and Toes--two more beautiful things.

Another scarf that I cast on earlier this week. I have made a couple of scarves in this fashion, casting on the length--240 stitches--and working garter stitch. This is the first time I am mixing cotton and wool yarns together in the same project. I had only one skein of many of the yarns in this scarf and thought this would be a good way to use these leftovers. There is a good balance of novelties, variegated, and basic yarns of different weights. I had to double two different colors of Crystal Palace Waikiki, and I liked the result. 

I prefer variegated yarns knitted with a higher number of stitches per row. The color change is more subtle and less patchy. I have so many hand-painted and variegated yarns that I could not resist purchasing, but then don't like the way they knit up in traditional scarves, etc. Koigu is an exception; I always love the way it knits up.

Bacci e abbracci...