Sunday, January 13, 2013

Matching Scarf Finished

The scarf was knit by casting on the number of stitches that equaled the length.

I knit back and forth (garter stitch) using each color for two rows.

After I bound off I knit two rows across each end of the scarf to give it a more finish look. (I picked up a loop from every stripe, or every two rows, knit two rows and bound off.)

The scarf, like the hat was knit out of Plymouth Galway on size 8 needles. I cast on 250 stitches.

My new project is the Elizabeth Zimmermann Heart Hat--yes, for me. I hate the way I look in a hat, but am cold. The heart hat is a bonnet style and would allow my bangs to frame my face. I also found the hat I knit was not warm enough and thought a hat out of garter stitch would be warmer. I am not a fan of Zimmermann's patterns. I love most of the designs, but do not possess the type of thinking required for her patterns. So needless to say I cast on and ripped out 6 or 7 times. 

Last night, in the ER with Mr. Ar (aka TOMA) I thought I had it, but realized I was working the odd rows only. My eye just skipped over the even rows that were severely indented on the directions. UGH!!! Will begin again today.

Mr. Ar is fine--he is private so I will not go into detail. It was a surprisingly quick visit. We have been there with injuries before and waited forever.

I was also persuaded to make a blanket for the Linus Project. Of course, it has to be acrylic and the acrylic I like is just too expensive for a blanket. So, Red Heart it is... I say persuaded, not because I do not like to make things for charity, but I do not like to make blankets. They get tedious and boring because it seems that they never end. I made a Rambling Rows blanket and even though I loved it, I got to the point where I could not wait until it was finished. So I decided to make a--you guessed it--Elizabeth Zimmermann blanket! Her Square Baby Blanket. I already lost count and noticed an error. Frogging again. Another ER project. (I expected to be there for hours and brought two projects.) Both projects are in her Knitting Workshop book. So today casting on again for both projects and sewing some zipper pouches.

Yesterday my friend and I had a fabulous day at the bead store (for more charms), the yarn store (for patterns), and the fabric store (for what else?) fabric.

Notice the cat charm matches the fabric exactly--Laurel Burch! I know, 1970, but it is still pretty and aren't the 1970's in style right now????

The patterns that I spotted at the yarn store were actually purchased on Ravelry:

"Hitchhiker" by Martina Behm, and "Piper's Journey" by Quince & Co., designed by Paula Emons-Fuessel.

I am considering casting on Hitchhiker today, but find I may not have enough of any one particular sock yarn in my stash. This is disappointing as the idea was to use up some of my sock yarn without making socks.

Baci e abbracci...