Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Holiday Rush is Over... for me

This has been the most prolific time for me, even TOMA agrees, I was either knitting, sewing or even drawing non-stop during my time outside of the office for the last couple of months. I did not photograph everything, but here is an example of my new wrapping, which is super simple and I am quite fond of.

I purchased a pad of newsprint and some rubber stamps that were 50% off and whalla! instant scarf and sock wrappers. I still made a hand tag that I tie on with a ribbon, but you could write the care instructions on the wrapper and skip the hang tag. I was so intrigued with the wrap, I did not photograph the socks and scarf, but I was pleased with both. The socks were a basic pattern, but the scarf was kind of unique, and an original design. It was knit across the length rather than the width in garter with minimal stripes and an asymmetrical addition at one end that was knit in garter width-wise. Maybe I can get a picture in the future.

My other major project this season was a painting promised over 6 months ago. A friend commissioned me to paint a picture of his sister's home and as I have often said fear is the proponent of procrastination; I put it off as long as I could. I thought it would be nice for him to give her for the holidays and also wanted it off my "to-do" list, so I finally buckled down and got it done.

He was very pleased, so I was as well. I have not drawn anything since August and the drawings that I did over 3 months ago were a struggle with nothing turning out to my liking, so I was very worried that every stroke would be the one to mess up the whole thing. I even took off a half day from work to finish it. Architecture is not my thing, and I used a light box to get very loose lines of the building in for the perspective, but everything else--all details, foliage, etc. was done freehand and with some artistic license.

I also made a hat for TOMA using the Thank You Hat pattern from PurlBee. I will have to photograph it. I used Plymouth's Galway as I plan to make a few and the yarn called for in the pattern is expensive. Galway is a beautiful 100% wool yarn that comes in solids and tweeds--really reasonable at $8 per skein. I let TOMA pick the color and since I thought I would run out and only purchased one skein, I put stripes in the crown and shortened the height by 2 inches, which was fine as it has a very generous height, that I don't really like anyway. As it has a 4 inch, 2 x 4 ribbed fold, it is super warm and he loves it! It covers his ears down to the bottom of his lobes, which is how he likes his hats.

Now I am free to make what I want. Let's just hope the momentum continues now that there is no deadline pending.

Baci e abbracci