Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Best Parts of the Holiday Weekend, Part I

Although I did not photograph the all of the best parts of the holiday weekend--yet, I must say there were two highlights:

the beautiful dinner TOMA prepared: baby collard greens, potatoes, carrots, and onions and the pork shoulder with peach sauce...

and this, in my front yard at the bird feeder:

an immature Cooper's Hawk (?). TOMA built a lattice to train the grape vine and hung the bird feeder on it to get it away from the walk-way and banisters. He could not understand why the feeder was not empty at the end of the day. I told him that there was probably a hawk in the area... This one looks like it is probably the offspring of a couple nesting in the METRO cellular sign 1/2 block away in the strip mall this past spring. I think the birds had a little more protection when they had the house on one side of the feeder. I feel badly for the sparrows, finches and starlings, but this was an amazing site on Sunday. Right as we were ready to leave the house--only a few minutes and we would have missed this--10 feet from the front door! It was a thrill!

I am not the best at identifying hawks, even at this distance, but I am pretty good with songbirds. If fact, I won a beautiful print from Love Myrte in the Netherlands, by identifying a bird in a new print by a snapshot of the eye, eye stripe and eye line. Her work is absolutely beautiful, and I am very excited.

Off to work in the studio for 45 minutes before I must get ready for work.

Baci e abbracci