Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blue is Home

Last night we brought Blue home. I thought the nurse was going to cry. When she brought him to us she said he was the sweetest cat. Later I asked if other cats were not as good-natured and she said that most scratch and hiss during treatments. He was just full of head-butts and rubs. My friend, James, told me about Puppy Pads in a conversation about something else before our trip--thank you! I bought a new soft, padded carrier and Puppy Pads and before we even left the hospital the Puppy Pad was soiled, but the carrier stayed clean. What a mess-saver! The new carrier made for a less stressful ride home (40 minutes) and will keep him more comfortable weekly when he goes for his chemotherapy.

Blue is weak, but bright and walking around, eating (thank goodness), and he just took his pills without a struggle. Right now he is purring. He seems to be giving his all to this fight.

He has his own bedroom and TOMA slept with him last night. We want to keep him segregated from the other two so they won't beat him up. During the weekend we are trying to spend as much time with him as possible. He just jumped over to look out the window, changed his mind and came back to the bed to rest.

I will never regret our decision to bring him home and give him treatment.

Baci e abbracci