Wednesday, September 5, 2012

At this point we are pretty sure Blue has lymphoma. He will have a biopsy later today to be 100% and then start chemotherapy if that is the case. He is just too active and full of personality during our visits to give up on him.

I experimented with my camera last night at the hospital and filmed my first video starring Blue. TOMA is thinking of nothing else and me the one with OCD is trying to give my mind breaks and concentrate on other things to make it through. Last night was a little tough because his liver values are up and his skin and gums have yellowed in the last 24 hours.

Last night at the hospital I took this photo. They let you spend as much time as you want visiting in different rooms. We brought a blanket and a pillow so we could be on the floor with him. TOMA was able to cuddle with him laying on the floor for a while. I think it was good for Blue's morale.

I really did not do too much drawing this year in Italy. It is depressing to be in a creative lull during vacation and aggravated me for a while, especially after carrying so many heavy art supplies over there (I obviously did not follow the rules I set for myself), but I did complete a pair of socks. I unknowingly had a snafu with the row counter and as I have not knit for so long did not follow the checkpoints for preventing such mistakes, so one sock is about an inch longer in the leg than the other. At least they are just for me, so no worries.

TOMA had to show me the difference in McDonald's in Italy while in Rome. Look at the cafe section and all of the sweets. Upstairs they had similar offerings as in the States as well as insalata caprese. One of the employees told me in English--no pictures after I snapped this.

Good news! This cat, Orsetto, made it another year! TOMA cooked for him this year and he was fed over 4 times a day. He came into the house and cuddled on our laps. We talked to a neighbor who reported that the Americans, who have now retired here in the States, fed him until they left (as we asked through a note last year). They promised to add him to the many they feed as they have in the past when he comes around. I hope he goes to their house, which is behind ours.

For some unknown reason I took this last KittenHead I made with me. She was a comfort when I was homesick. This is her on her way to San Foca, Puglia for a side trip.

The beach in San Foca.

Baci e abbracci