Monday, August 6, 2012

I did a little sewing this weekend. I finished a KittenHead that I  had cut out and started and finished one from scratch. I also did the hardest of the pre-trip work: cleaning the kitchen, the bedroom, the bulk of the laundry, food shopping, etc. I am almost packed, but need to take a few things out to leave at home. Preparing for a trip like this can be a little overwhelming for me because someone else will be living in my house and taking care of the cats in our absence.

I finally decided on my art supplies, but may have to leave the two books I would like to take at home depending on the final weight of the luggage. I chose to take Keys to Drawing, and Color Mixing Bible. These are two books that I have had for a while but have not yet explored and I thought now would be a good time to do the exercises. I am especially interested in the colored pencil section of the color mixing book. I am taking about 24 Faber-Castell colored pencils and would love to become comfortable mixing them.

I am taking two knitting projects and have made some headway on the first sock. The scarf has been started and is ready to go. I have crochet hooks, crochet cotton and embroidery floss to play around with, my normal watercolors, pens, ink, pencils (a full set for the Keys to Drawing exercises), glue stick, scissors, etc ready to go. Why some much stuff??!!! Because it is vacation! Not the kind of vacation where you are running around sight-seeing but the kind where you hang around in the house or the bar (cafe) not speaking the language and needing to keep your hands and mind busy.

Anyway, back to KittenHead. The very last KittenHead I made was for someone specific and was the final of the pattern changes. I really do love him and became a little attached. All of the KittenHead faces look most like my little baby-man Blue--around the eyes. Since that was the color scheme my friend ordered, and it was made for him to begin with, I must send him away. I know he will get a good home, he is a gift for a friend of the friend, a cat lover with her own little orange man. It is just like when I was a kid and gave my stuffed animals feelings. So what does a girl do when her little KittenHead is about to leave her? She makes one of her very own! This little one will be traveling with me to test how they hold up. No, I will not be dragging her around like a child would (because I don't want her to get dirty and disgusting--remember I do have OCD), but she will not live her life protected by plastic like the one leaving me. Maybe it is like taking a little of my sewing with me and a bit of home (besides the photos of the real KittenHeads: Freesia, Black and Blue).

Note to self: First sewing project when I get home: Black KittenHead.

Lastly, if you looked out of the window and saw this what would you think? Oh my! A dead squirrel on the lawn. I watched for movement and thought I saw something, so I grabbed the camera after I realized he/she was sleeping! Right there out in the open. The poor thing let the heat get the best of him/her. Also, he/she was not so bright since we do have hawks hunting in the area! Luckily, this little one woke up, bathed in the same spot and went on about his/her business. It was a great moment in my day!

 Baci e abbracci and do enjoy the rest of your summer. The best season of the year is right around the corner. Autumn! Wool sweaters, quilts, beautiful leaves falling off the trees and a crisp, coolness in the air.