Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello. As humid as it is here in Philadelphia is as dry as my inspiration pool is. I am going through one of those times--that I hate--where I am dissatisfied with everything I put down on paper. I need to do a couple of drawings for someone and have wasted so many sheets of "good" watercolor paper that a tree is growing out of my trash can. Then I have another drawing I need to complete but cannot adequately see the lines on a dark photograph. This problem will soon be resolved with a new photo of the subject.

At least I made my husband a happy man by baking him some chocolate chip cookies yesterday.

Just wanted to check in. Just in case you did not know, Danny Gregory (whose work I love) has started the "Everyday Matters" (EDM) challenge from #1 and is posting the drawings on his blog It is great to be able to see something new from him everyday. He also has a "EDM Challenges" thing-y at the top of his blog (under his feet in the photo of him sitting on a bale of hay) with the list of challenges--almost a year's worth. The first challenge is familiar to anyone that has taken an art class--draw a shoe. There is a Facebook page with people's work and some amazing drawings. I am always in awe of some people's ability to draw.

Baci e abbracci.