Saturday, June 9, 2012

Leaving Work at Five

Leaving work at 5:00 has its benefits. Usually I want to get just one more thing done and go right up to the last possible moment (5:20) to still be able to make a 5:30 train. This means rushing to the station with all of my stuff, taking the undesirable entrance into the station (you know the one where the smell knocks you off your feet) and just making it onto the platform with a minute to spare--or sometimes actually screaming to TOMA, "here I am, here I am!" and the engineer waits for me while I run (what an image--me running with bags).

Well yesterday, after an incredibly long week preparing for a Board meeting I said to myself, let's leave at five today and just sit in the station drawing until the train comes. (I've said that to myself many times at 4:00, only to have some last minute email or request come in that needs attention.) Yesterday, it was so beautiful here in Philly and I only took a partial lunch thinking I needed the rest of it to run an errand later in the day--that actually now needs to be run next week--I did it. And here were the results.

I work near the famous "Love Park," which at this time of day the homeless are staking out there spots for the night, but there are beautiful flowers planted and as I was walking to the station I decided to pull out my camera and snap a few reference pictures for future drawings. I find the screen very difficult to see in sunlight so they are not the best pictures, but my hard week was rewarded with baby house sparrows waiting for their mama to feed them--right in front of me!

The fledglings still had the yellow around their bill. They are so sweet the way they flutter at their mama to feed them. On the other hand, they do not give her a moment of peace. Still it was great to watch and capture. It reminded me of my friend who just had twins--minus the regurgitated food (well I guess there actually is regurgitated food from the twins rather than from my friend).

Speaking of my friend. He seemed to be genuinely pleased with the alphabet poster and we took it to be matted (that was the errand--to pick it up). I also asked Blick to scan the image and will be having posters printed for my Etsy shop.

Baci e abbracci