Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm So Excited And I Just Can't Hide It!!!

When I used to knit, most projects took a lot of time--no instant gratification. But when I tied off and snipped the last end of yarn there was total elation. It was the culmination of many hours devoted to one project. I would do my little dance around the house and admire the finished project--or more often than not look at the way it turned out and brood about having to tear it all apart and start again.

That is one of the things I like about drawing--instant gratification. This project however was more like knitting. It has taken about a month from start to finish.  I am really pleased. I am pleased because I like the way it turned out (I had my doubts throughout the project whether I would finish and have to tear it up begin again). I am also pleased because I was asked to create an alphabet. I would never have chosen this project. So it was like being given an assignment or challenge and getting a fairly successful result. Of course the true measure of success is if the recipients like it. If two of the four recipients don't break out in tears when they see it, I'll consider that being half way there. The third certainly knows what he likes and he commissioned this piece so his opinion is important. But the fourth recipient knows his stuff (he is a curator at an art museum) so I guess it is his critique that counts most. The lighting in the studio was not conducive to photography tonight--the colors really do pop.

 TOMA and I went to a near by flea market on Saturday. It is mostly full of junk, but sometimes there are at least a couple of things to photograph.

I still have a fascination with religious trinkets. I could fill a curio cabinet with these inexpensive statuettes. My mother is bothered enough by my rosary collection. She would probably have a conniption if I started buying and displaying this stuff.

Baci e abbracci