Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recycled Paper

I have been inspired by mail art and Geninne Zlatkis's use of envelopes in her work. I have collected many pretty stamps from the mail that comes into work for over a year now, but to save space in my studio I usually tear the stamp away from the whole envelope. Then, noticing the pretty and numerous stamps received in the development department on a daily basis, I convinced the young woman who sorts the mail to give me the pretty stamps that she receives (it did not take much to convince her as she is a really sweet person). She gives me the whole envelope with the stamp. I have accumulated quite a few and thought just go for it--so what if you ruin an envelope, the stamp can still be salvaged. They came out okay, these are my two favorites. I will probably still tear away the stamps and use them again for something else, but this kept me busy doing the same old thing without using up "good" paper.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a chance to draw a beautiful vase of peonies that have been in my office since Monday.

Baci e abbracci