Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Pentel Brush Pen

A couple of Fridays ago Roz Stendahl started posting about the Pentel Brush Pen. Actually, she often posts about how amazing this pen is and I am dumbfounded because I have carried it with me daily for 2 years and NEVER use it--NEVER. But this time she is posting different tasks each Friday using this brush pen. I thought I have got to learn how to use this pen because, according to most who have used it, it is the greatest thing since sliced bread! So I started out with the best intentions, only to get frustrated quickly and abandon the exercises she suggested.

Then I thought just start drawing with it (as she suggested in the first post). I am still trying to learn how to control it and admit that when I am pleased with a mark, I am very pleased because those marks remind me of the lines that I admire in other people's work--thick and thin--with a confidence that my marks do not have.

Brush Pen & Copic Ciao Markers

Brush Pen, Copic Ciao Markers & a Prismacolor .03 marker for the fine lines on the petals .

I also tried again to do some collage a la Teesha Moore. I hate the figure, but love the border which is a collage of my own cut up drawings. I would like to find a way to use the background and border in other work.

M.P.--Can you identify the original artists of the face and the body (up to the legs)?

E.O--Look, I used a stamp at the top left corner. I only have about 100 more stamps to incorporate into my work!

Baci e abbracci!