Monday, May 7, 2012

A Not So Secret Project

I am currently working on a project that was a request. My friend had twins about a month ago and long before they were born he requested an alphabet poster. For some reason this was a difficult request. It took me many sketches to finally come up with the design. (His significant other being a curator at an art museum did not help alleviating my nervousness.) He saw the final sketch of the idea that I went with and seemed to like it. I really hope that they like the final product. I also have another project for him that I have not yet started. I am running out of time because he is probably going to return to work soon. Here is a pic of the WIP.

I decided to use Dr. Ph. Martin's because they are so vibrant, I thought it would be perfect for the babies' room.

My studio is a mess even though I just straightened it up. Each project tears it apart. I wanted to start some sewing over the weekend, but once everything is spread out on my work table it is best to stay with one project. I've never painted anything so big and anytime I've drawn something so big it has been on an easel, so this is a little awkward.

I also changed my inspiration board over the weekend--mostly Picasso. Also another artist who was definitely influenced by Picasso, Daphne Odjig. She even inserted one of his self-portraits into her work. Really colorful!

Baci e abbracci