Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Find This Very Relaxing...

You know how I love using fountain pens, but recently I had to stop because no matter what ink I used (Noodler's Lexington Gray, Noodler's Bullet Proof Black, or Carbon Platinum Black) it was not completely smear and/or waterproof. I went back to Prismacolor and Sakura Micron Pens out of frustration. Then I purchased a Moleskine and decided it would be for dry media only (as the Moleskine Sketch paper is  horrible for wet media--in my humble opinion). I really missed my fountain pens and was inspired by work in Michael Perry's book Over and Over: A Catalogue of Hand-Drawn Patterns so I started doing these silly doodles.

Of course something happens that makes me less than pleased with the finished result, but they are relaxing to make and not a big investment. The Lexington Gray actually looks like graphite (bottom drawing).

Baci e abbracci