Wednesday, May 2, 2012

After a Long Day...

This made my day!!! After dinner I was changing my clothes and TOMA called me excitedly telling me to look out the window. Oh my gosh!!! A opossum!!! The same one he saw a couple of months ago. I do not know where he/she lives because there is nothing but stores, almost no trees, let alone any ground, around here, but there he/she was drinking from our bird bath. TOMA threw him/her peanuts, which he/she did not eat, but I remembered they eat cat food. TOMA put some out, but unfortunately he/she had already moved on. I scared it down the block trying to get a picture, but it was so sweet, I could not resist!

This is him/her moving pretty quickly to get away from me. I hope it comes back soon!

Baci e abbracci