Sunday, April 1, 2012

What I've Been Up to Lately...

I purchased TWO new Moleskine Sketchbooks. Not my usual paper, but I want to use just my fountain pen and to me using watercolor paper for that (my Fabriano book) is wasteful. Of course adding absolutely no color is just too severe so I am going the Teesha Moore route the tutto a posto way. That would be less collage, more drawing, using Teesha's method of lettering, but not so much journalling. Trying to use the things that inspire me about her work without outright trying to copy her style because what fun is it if you cannot call it your own in the end? And we all take inspiration from someone else even if we do not want to admit it.

I blurred out my husband's name as he is not into this social media stuff and having your personal information on the Internet. He is trying to stay off of blood pressure medication, so he takes his pressure in the morning and at night to monitor it. I tease him about the process because of the way he totally relaxes before he takes it--he looks almost dead. (Don't worry, he teases me about so many of my idiosyncrasies he totally gets me back.)

I enjoyed adding the color with Inktense pencils. I even used a little bit of water to make the color more intense in the lettering and the birds. Not so much that the paper would crinkle. I think I will continue to draw this handbag like Liz Steel draws hers again and again. I think it is a good practice object for shading, etc.

And another go round of the church a block away during my lunch break. I am just not good at architecture, but will keep at it. I am inspired by many of the Urban Sketchers and their great drawings.

Baci e abbracci