Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh my gosh! I made a comment on Melanie Testa's blog in response to a short You Tube video asking about how to measure a buttonhole correctly and mentioned that I thought a snap on the inside of the little bag might be a better option than the button and the buttonhole. Well she noted my suggestion with my name in the post that followed. She is going to try my suggestion. Ms. Testa is kind of like a celebrity (in this community of fiber/journal aficionados). Made my little day!

What did not make my day was that our cat, Black, gave me a little scare when she darted outside while I was handing my husband a bag at the open door. Luckily I was able to catch her and  give her a little talking to about that kind of behavior. She is the only one that has any interest in getting outside, but has not made an attempt in so long, and then she surprises us like that. I feel bad that she does not seem to be happy. She loves us--especially TOMA--but does not get along with Freesia and Blue. She must have had a bad day and thought--ENOUGH OF THIS!!! I AM OUT OF HERE!!!

The art supply store where I work was having a 40% off sale so I bought a few things including gold and silver inks, pastel pencils, a few books including a color mixing bible and three stretched, primed canvases. I thought I might try acrylics.

On Sunday my friend and I went to a fabric store in Pennington, NJ (Pennington Quilt Works) for some more striped fabric. Of course I waited too long and they no longer had the same fabric, so I bought other striped fabric and ordered some on line. I bought a really inspiring book about cutting strips of fabric and sewing them together all wonky to make some really great looking quilts. No measuring, no rulers (for the most part), no lining up, and no perfect seams. But they turn out great. Just my style! I am exercising my right to be lazy and not get off the couch to get the title and author of the book--next post...

I also fine tuned the KittenHead pattern. I am pretty pleased. This KittenHead was inspired by my little Mr. Blue. So I will be making Miss Black and Freesia KittenHeads as well as some other fun combinations of batiks and prints. I will take a photo to post soon.

I also have two projects to start and finish--both due very soon. Getting a little nervous.

Now you are all caught up. Baci e abbracci!