Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My husband and I woke to the sound of screams for help at 5:30 this morning. My husband went out towards the screams and I called the police. A neighbor across the street was on her roof. She jumped out of her bedroom window when her home alarm sounded that the front door opened. My husband waited beneath her ready to catch her feet if she lost her grip until the police arrived. Why am I writing about this? My first call to 9-1-1 got the response that they would send someone out "as soon as possible" even though I opened the window so the operator could hear the screams. I said "are you serious?" He said that is their standard response to such a call. I hung up, heard the woman say the word gun and called back to tell them that my husband was out there and I wanted some help immediately. They arrived within 2-4 minutes.

This is disturbing--does one have to be dying for an immediate response? But what was more disturbing to both my husband and I was that we were the only ones who went outside! No other neighbor helped her. Did we think it was a teenager screaming, just making noise when we first heard it? Yes, but when it continued we did something. We live in a neighborhood that is quickly deteriorating and I wonder if the people in it come from a place where there are screams every night and this is nothing new? Or is it that most do not speak English and cannot call for help--but at least come out to let the perpetrator know that people are around! The woman had jumped onto the roof next to her house. When the owner stepped out and my husband told him there was a woman on his roof, he went inside and never came out again.

Another disappointment in humankind and another reason that animals are the only innocent creatures.

P.S. The woman was rescued by the Fire Department.