Wednesday, March 7, 2012


On Monday, Alisa Burke posted about finding your muse. It was a good post. What is interesting is I used to do all of the things Ms. Burke talks about when I was in college, but since I am not a professional artist I got out of the habit. The article inspired me to carry my camera to work and take my sketch supplies to the nearby Reading Terminal. It was packed with people so no sketching, but lots of picture taking. The following pictures were taken because of color combinations, texture or pattern.

The last three photos I just thought were cute.

I took 103 photos within an hour. I really like the new camera I received for my birthday and read part of the manual last night as we did not have cable, internet or telephone service. I found out it does quite a few things that are very cool.

I also am about to finish a sketchbook that I started in October 2010. I had set it aside for a while because it is a Moleskine watercolor book and I do not like the orientation of most watercolor books. I also was not crazy about the paper, but I got over it and used the book. I still have to finish a couple of pages that I had left incomplete and then I will post the last few drawings.

Baci e abbracci