Monday, March 12, 2012

The Falcon Cam

Did you ever want to draw a live falcon? Well I found a new way to use an old favorite. Falcon Cam shows the life of a pair of falcons that nest on the roof of the Rachel Carson State Building in Harrisburg, PA.  I haven't watched in a few years, but I received an email from the EPA about their second egg being laid and decided to take a look. Then I just picked up a pen and started drawing. The cameras are positioned in three different places right now and this afternoon both the male and the female were at the nest for quite some time. The female was sitting on the eggs and the male was preening. There was also evidence of a meal earlier in the day. Anyway, each shot lasts maybe 10-20 seconds which is a great exercise for a quick croquis or you can complete more of the drawing at each shot. I'll scan the drawings and post later in the week.

Also, my Uppercase magazine and book arrived, but I have not had a chance to review. I flipped through them and they look great. More on that later.

Baci e abbracci