Saturday, February 25, 2012

What I Have Been Up to Lately...

Trying out different things. Probably just to avoid drawing from life. So everything is from my head, which is easy to do on the train and while listing to Catching Fire (the second book in the Hunger Games series) on my headset. 

It is true that when you look at a drawing it takes you right back to the moment it was created. Although the drawings have nothing to do with the book I am listening to, I can remember what the characters were doing when I made the drawing.

Anyway, not in a good mood these days, so nothing to say.

 Watercolor, Fountain Pen with Noodler's Bullet Proof Black. gel pen, and water soluble graphite pencil

 Collage, Copic Markers, watercolor, gel pen, corrective pen, and fountain pen (same ink).

 Fountain Pen (same ink), collage and watercolor

 Fountain Pen (same ink), watercolor, Prismacolor pencils, charcoal

Micron Pen, watercolor, Faber Castell watercolor and regular colored pencils, charcoal and gel pen
Baci e abbracci