Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some Purchases and a Cat Picture or Two or Three...

Yesterday my friend and I went to lunch and to Pennington Quilt Works in New Jersey. There is a little cafe/catering place on the same strip where we had a wonderful lunch and then off to the fabric store. I had a 20% birthday discount card so what better excuse to make a purchase.

Even though I went there with the idea of purchasing some of the Stitch in Color line by Dubrawsky, it just didn't do anything for me. I love her work, but not this commercial line--at least not the selection that this shop had. So I purchased some of the standby for beautiful fabric--batiks, and then finally I bought myself some flower pins!!! Also, I am going to try spray adhesive for the next quilt.

After the fabric store, back to the cafe for coffee and cake, then to the yarn store on the same strip. There was a beautiful 150 gram ball of yarn by Lang in the right weight for a shawl, but at $27.50 and needing 2 balls I had to restrain myself. I would like to start the Claudia shawl today.

Now some cute cat photos, just because it is my blog and I can show off my kitties.

Always soaking up the sun...

She was so jealous of me photographing the other one, I had to give her some air time
Baci e abbracci