Saturday, January 7, 2012

I have been drooling over Schmincke Hordam Aquarell Watercolor set of 48 half pans for sometime now. Geninne Zlatkis posted one of her beautiful paintings and her "beloved" set of watercolors last week and it was like an addiction took me over. I have always thought about purchasing this brand, but the cost is so prohibitive that I put it out of my mind immediately. This time the addiction took hold and I was caught in its grip. Everyday I would stare at a picture of a brand new set on the Blick website and think about how I could finagle this purchase. I have $100 in gift certificates that I received over the holidays and I have a freelance job that I need to finish--mmmm, this could do it... I could purchase this set without using household money. I tried to talk myself out of it. Why do I need professional grade watercolors? I am not that good. I don't even sell my work! But everyday I would look at them on line and the craving became so strong that I gave in. So much for supply addiction sobriety! They will be here on Tuesday! I cannot wait!!!! This is my big 5-0 birthday present to me. The Dean of the School where I work is so sweet when I asked his opinion of this brand, he said "well now you are a watercolor artist so you need good paint... did you ever get good brushes?" I told him I did get pretty good brushes when I was in Italy and I could tell the difference.

Like good yarn, good art supplies do make a difference while working with the product and in the finished result. I agree with Alisa Burke and Jane LaFazio, you certainly do not need good supplies to make art, but when it is truly what you love to do it makes the process more pleasurable.

Also, the Dean told me not to use my good brushes with gouache. I knew not to use them with watercolor pencils, but not gouache. I did not have time to ask why as he was heading into an appointment, but it is good to know.

Today I am going to make a sample and start a proposal to teach a class! I really want to give this a go, so I hope I do not procrastinate and miss the deadline. My treat at the end of the day is coffee with a friend and knitting at the Barnes and Noble.

Baci e abbracci