Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Perfect Day

Yesterday was the perfect day. It started in my studio working on the secret project. I have to say making the limbs was the worst part. Next time I will make them wider.

I used 100% cotton stuffing for most of the project. I did use some Polyfill for the body.

The project uses upcycled fabric: TOMA's favorite shirt, a pair of corduroys from the thrift shop, purchased at least two years ago, wool felt (orange purchased 10 years ago--scraps from a yarn store that also produced garments that they sold, I knitted the yellow fabric and felted it many years ago) and the special part of this little one--the Thomas Pink silk tie--one of 50 donated by the generous person receiving this gift.

All four limbs

I decided that the shirting needed a little more body so I quilted it to batting and a backing of muslin.

Here you can see the quilting.

The limbs and ears pinned to the front.

My little guy without his character sewn on.

At this point I ate my new favorite lunch--peanut butter, banana, and honey on Food of Life Raisin Bread. Then I went food shopping. First to the local market, and home to put away the refrigerator stuff, then to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Then Barnes and Noble. I bought a wonderful muffin at Whole Foods and bought a cup of coffee at the bookstore and had my treat while I reviewed some magazines. Then I did a drawing and colored it with Inktense Colored Pencils. I love sitting in a cafe drawing. I feel like I am out and about with something different to look at.

After dinner I finished him.

He has a felt nose, embroidery floss mouth and horn eyes (When I purchased these buttons years ago, I was told they were made from antlers that were shed by the deer. I hope that is true.)

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I also believe that there are no new ideas left. My inspiration for my cat came from this book and the picture below.

Steve the Cat

I drew the pattern from scratch myself and added felt paws, felt ears, etc. I do not have a tail on the back of mine, because my intention is to place the label on the behind with his name: Gampy Cat. It is for the recipient's granddaughter. She calls him Gampy and that is why I used his tie for the belly. I hope he likes it.

Baci e abbracci